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Released February 4th, 2014

"This EP was made to showcase my talent not only as an emcee, but as a producer as well. Every track on this EP was produced, recorded (with the exception of the featured artists), mixed and mastered by me. 

Music Video for BTE GOT CHOPS:

Featured Artists: Dex Amora and Mos Poetik
Album Cover by Mikayel Nguyen
Concept by Me

Released October 23rd, 2013

This album is dedicated to an internal struggle that I experienced at the end of 2012 that lasted up until a few months ago. I started doubting myself and for a while, produced nothing musically. After much thought and support from my close friends and family, I pulled myself together and finished this album. Sorry for the wait..”

Released August 14th, 2012

This EP is about the ups and downs of love and the effects it has on a person whether good or bad and these feelings that love gives are being expressed through the lyrics and sounds that I have created.”

Released April 15th, 2012.

This is a series that I worked on where i made a verse for each day of the week and made a video for it as well. 

It takes less than 15 mintes to go through all the songs so be sure to check them out and download! 

Here is the YouTube playlist for the videos: 

or you can just click on the one you want to watch. either way works

1. Sunday Morning: 
2. Feng Shui Monday: 
3. Kickin’ It Ol’ Skool on Tuezday: 
4. Whensday (VIDEO): 
5. Just Another Thursday: 
6. It’s Finally Friday 
7. Funky Fresh Saturday

Released January 28th, 2012.

This is a collection of songs I’ve made over the course of about 7 months.”

Released June 10, 2011

"Just a collection of songs that I’ve done within the last few months"